Tenel Ka (tenel) wrote in hothlantarebels,
Tenel Ka

The Rebels Take Over Fuddruckers

Over a dozen local Star Wars fans gathered for lunch on Saturday at the Windy Hill Fuddrucker's in Marietta. In attendance was "Star Wars at Dragon Con" track director Brandy Roatsey, who gave an update on some of the panels that are being developed. The doorprize (two Timothy Zahn hardback novels, and a mad libs book) went to Rob Kimmer. A delicious homemade Dune Sea pie was provided by Peggy Eisenhauer.

A main topic of conversation was the fan table that will be set up at the upcoming Sci-Fi Summer Convention on June 10th. Joey Osborne, Luci Lockhart, Rebecca Slabaugh, and Pana Thitiram volunteered to help staff the table.

Also in attendance on Saturday were the rest of the Eisenhauer family: Greg, Daniel, and Stephen, along with Josh Gelston, Jessica Gelston, Jana Lott, Paula Rosenburg, and Carol White.

Absent were Sara McCorkendale, Joseph Nash, the Reynolds family, Denise Tevis, and Bev Kodak's family.

The next lunch meeting of the Hothlanta Rebels Star Wars fan club will be on June 18th.
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